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About Us
The Story of Slept On Studios
 Slept On Studios was originally founded in 2006 by producer/engineer Patrick "Riksha" Bardos. It began operating out of 90 Eastdale Avenue in East York, Toronto, and did so for nearly 5 steady years.

 Initially, it had only a single vocal booth and control room, limiting its capacity. Luckily, by serving the thriving Toronto hiphop/R&B scene, business quickly grew. A second booth and control room were soon added to keep up with the influx of work. This also required more engineers and producers. In 2009, we welcomed Chrys "Anubis" Welch, Ramon "Methadist" Morales and Allan "Swann" Stuart to the Slept On Studios team. The company would go on to record 500+ songs with over 100 local artists, contributing to the release of 20 albums, 50+ mixtapes, and countless singles.
Chrys "Anubis" Welch
Ramon "Methadist" Morales
Allan "Swann" Stuart
 This success did bring its own set of hardships. A great loss caused the distruption of all business in late 2010. The studio was forced to relocate and start fresh.

 Through many trials and tribulations, the team maintained diligent and true, and over the next 2 years operated as a partnership with IROC Love Studios in various commercial locations. The first was located at 160 Islington Avenue in the Rehearsal Factory building, and was active for half a year, before moving to 45 Lucy Avenue in East York. The added pressures of commercial property costs made business difficult, so Slept On Studios ended thier partnership with IROC Love Studios in 2013 and moved to the Eglinton & Pharmacy area, where it has remained ever since. It is currently a private recording facility under the helm of Ramon as 1st Engineer and has been re-titled as Slept On Studios East. 
 In 2019, new oppourtunities arose and Slept On Studios West was able to open as a 2nd location. Situated in the west end of Toronto at 17 Kenora Crescent in York, where Patrick is now positioned as 1st engineer with our newest team members Brian Rudder as 2nd engineer and Courtland "Hyperbole" McIntosh as Creative Director. With this larger facility the studio will be able to record acoustic drums/full bands "off the floor" due to increased space and technology.​
 As well, Chrys has opened Slept On Studios London, a small production studio located in Tillsonburg. Ontario, where he offers vocal recording and mixing services to local artists. 

 Slept On Studios is constantly growing and building towards a better future for all of our clients and partners. We hope to be around for many more years for us to service you and all your music needs. ​
Meet The Team
  1. Patrick "Riksha" Bardos
    1st Engineer, Slept On Studios West Patrick has been recording and mixing for over 20 years, having engineered for artists such as Thrust, Choclair, Frank Nitt, Dankery Harv, Illa J, & Chip Fu to name a few.
  2. Ramon "Methadist" Morales
    1st Engineer, Slept On Studios East Ramon began his engineering career with Slept On Studios in 2009. He has been actively producing his own music with Northern Naughty for over 15 years.
  3. Chrys "Anubis" Welch
    1st Engineer, Slept On Studios London Chrys was the first engineer to join in 2009, and has been involved in the business ever since. His enthusiasm and energy for engineering and production remains an inspiration still.
  1. Brian Rudder
    2nd Engineer, Slept On Studios West Brian is a graduate of the Audio Engineering & Production/DJ Arts Program at Trebas Institute. He joined the team in 2016.
  2. Courtland "Hyperbole" McIntosh
    Creative Director, Slept On Studios West Courtland is a graduate of Trebas Institutes Entertainment Management Program. In 2016, he joined Slept On Studios as our first Creative Director.